Direct your G Suite contents to various Apps

"CLOUD FLOW DIRECTOR" is an add-on which allows you to direct your Host App contents in to various Apps like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Hubspot, Insightly etc. It comes very handy to extract emails in a structured format and use it for further workflows in the business.

It is product from Jivrus Technologies


Every App provides services to Cloud Flow Director. There are two categories of services

  • Actions
  • Information


Actions is what service you need to perform on apps

For example

  • in Google docs and Google sheets there is a 'Save to Sheet' action that you helps you to save your contents into the Google Docs/ Sheets
  • in Trello, there is a "Create Card" action that creates card in selected Trello board & list.


Information is what data you want to get from the app

For example,

  • you can see number of existing data saved in Google Sheets for the sender of currently opened event/email.
  • you want to see the contact details from CRM that matches the sender email when you open email.