How to OPEN?

In order to start Cloud Flow Director

  • Open a Mail in Gmail or Event in Calendar
  • Go to add-on section and select Cloud Flow Director logo
  • If add-on section is in hide click on "show side panel" icon on bottom right side in mail page

Create a service

  • The Cloud Flow Director homepage will be displayed
  • click on "create new service" to create the service

Choose the application

  • List of application will appear
  • Choose your application
  • Connect with your application
  • Select the Actions and Information
  • Save the service

Do Actions by using service

  • Open the Mail or Event
  • Click on the GO that which service you need to do
  • The Email/Event Detail will fill all the possible fields
  • Click on action button to do the action
  • You can redirect to your app by clicking open in app

Edit & Delete services

For edit the previous services

  • Click on service settings
  • This will list all the services
  • Click on edit button on the right on which service need to be edited

Clear all services will delete all the services

Click save to edit changes

For delete the service simply click on delete

You can cancel the edit function by simply clicking on cancel button

For detailed App specific setup information click here