How to Install?

Method 1

  • Create new or open any of your mail or event.

  • Click "Get Add-ons" and search for "Cloud Flow Director".

  • Install it and start using it.

  • Search for Cloud Flow Director

Method 2

  • Directly reach the add-on using this link in Google Workspace Marketplace

  • Install Cloud Flow Director from Google Workspace Marketplace

  • The Cloud Flow Director will appear on the add-ons section when G-mail is opened.

  • The popup box will open

  • on the popup window click on 'continue'

The google sign in popup will appear

  • If u already sign in with your account choose the account that you need to use Cloud Flow Director add-on.

  • If you need to add new account then simply click on use another account and give your signing details

  • The permission required window will open

  • Click allow on it

  • Click on done

Now you can use Cloud Flow Director add-on when you open your gmail.

In order to start Cloud Flow Director in Gmail

  • Open a mail in Gmail

  • Go to add-on section and select Cloud Flow Director logo

  • If add-on section is in hide click on "show side panel" icon on bottom right side in mail page

Steps for installing and starting from mobile

  • You can use Cloud Flow Director add-on on Mobile.

  • Open Gmail app on you mobile.

  • Open the mail

  • Scroll down at the bottom of the mail

  • In "available add-ons" click on Mail Director add-on logo and use it