Interact with all your Apps, right from Gmail and Calendar

No more Context switching or copying & pasting when you use

Cloud Flow Director

Direct Your Host App content to

Google Docs, Google Sheets, Trello, Asana, Slack etc

What is Cloud Flow Director?

"CLOUD FLOW DIRECTOR" is an add-on which allows you to direct your Gmail Messages/ Calendar Events in to various G Suite Apps like Google Sheets, Google Docs etc. It comes very handy to extract emails in a structured format and use it for further workflows in the business.

It is product from Jivrus Technologies


Who needs Cloud Flow Director?

  • Actually everyone who uses Gmail / Calendar :-)

  • Anybody who wants to see their G-Suite Apps Contents organised in a single place can use Cloud Flow Director.

  • Anyone who uses Gmail and Calendar can use Cloud Flow Director to store their contents into the Apps like

        • Google Docs

        • Google Spreadsheet

  • Create card into Trello

  • Create task into Asana

Look what our customer says

"very simple to use., saves time for looking into important mails, saves my time, awesome app"

~ Arun N | Linux Admin

"Very nice application"

~ A user of Cloud Flow Director

"It's so pretty app...I love it..."

~ A user of Cloud Flow Director

"merci c est une bonne application" (thank you it is a good application)

~ A user of Cloud Flow Director


~ A user of Cloud Flow Director

"Thank You So Much "

~ A user of Cloud Flow Director

"Super Awesome!!"

~ A user of Cloud Flow Director

"hola a todos muy buenos diaz es la primera bes qe utilisare programa de gmail message" (hello everyone very good diaz is the first kiss i will use gmail message program)

~ A user of Cloud Flow Director